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This blog was made 6 years ago for an event.
Rather than update it, I propose that you look at the links on the right and through the blog, then get another set of hopefully useful links and perspective on Community Development in Transition Times (through sharing, timebanking, building mutual support system and processing conflicts) from


Restorative Justice discussed August 4th 2010, Camden


Quotes for those who weren't there

Those attending the day with Marshall Rosenberg were overwhelmingly
satisfied, stimulated and energised.

Some of the quotes you provided about 21st May for the purpose of providing feedback to those who did not attend were:
-A roller coaster of emotion from laughter to tears
-Radically changed my ideas about parenting
-An intensely moving & evocative experience
-I’m so grateful to have found NVC!
-You missed hearing a wonderful orator explain NVQ
-I loved the simplicity with which it all comes to listening to needs, mine & others, and then with the connection it is easy to meet everyone’s needs.
-These are really essential skills; I cannot overestimate their importance
-‘Each of us is enormously powerful –we can enrich or destroy life’
-‘Reach out to life’
-Do it poorly but do it! is a way to do it and offer it to others, providing on-line help for interpersonal issues and providing UK availability of mediation services.
Your engagement with the CommunicatingNeeds yahoo group would be greatly appreciated.
At the CommunicatingNeeds yahoo group we discuss the direction of the changes we are trying to create. If you like the idea of collaborating to enable social change, please join this discussion group.
Yours faithfully,
Paul Crosland (Mediation UK)


Paul, Maria, Marshall & the Leaflet commemorating Duncan

Here's a photo taken at the end of the most successful and uplifting event that Mediation UK has been involved in putting on. (We may be looking a little washed-out in this photo after a long and rewarding day.) Thank you to Daren, Anna and Jo for proposing and planning the event jointly with Mediation UK; it met our needs to share inspiration and offer people ways forward to spread nonviolence. Please take this opportunity now to join the Communicating Needs yahoo group

Late Rooms guide to London

For a guide to London -and a late booking of a hotel room, you might follow the 'Late Rooms' link here


Commemorating Duncan Weir; your spare leaflets please

The 21st May is also a commemoration of Duncan Weir, Puffin Design. Duncan produced many leaflet designs for Mediation UK, and I valued working with him for what I saw as his originality, commitment and willingness to 'go the extra mile'. Aged 46, with a wife and two sons, Duncan died suddenly the day after completing the leaflet for the 21st May day with Marshall Rosenberg. Duncan's creativity was heart warming.
I am trying to gather in another 120 leaflets of the 10,000 distributed in order to ensure that everyone has a commemorative leaflet in their pack when they register on Sunday. Please bring your spare leaflets on Sunday morning.


Programme for 21st May-Getting to the Heart in Resolving Conflict

9.30am-10am Registration

10am – Introduction from Maria Arpa, chairperson of Mediation UK

10.10am Marshall introduces his approach on the theme of conflict and mediation. Spends most of this session talking about empathy and demonstrating empathy live with some participants.

11.30am – tea break

12 noon – 1pm Marshall talks about apology (roughly half an hour – with audience interaction) and gives more detail on key elements of his approach to mediation (roughly half an hour).

1pm – 2.30pm participants do role-play exercise in small groups and have lunch.

2.30pm – 4.30pm Feedback from role plays. Some people demonstrate what they did and Marshall intervenes. Questions to Marshall

4.30pm - end


NVC podcast discussions


To take a sneak preview of the new Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Conflict Resolution and Mediation Website (referred to on the 21st May 2006 leaflet) go to
(It has been designed particularly for users coming to the site with an inter-personal frustration or regret).